Robert Kara

I am a 2nd year Computer Science student at Queen Mary University of London, having achieved a First Class grade across all 1st year modules with an average of 89%. My professional aim is to become an expert in Software Engineering, being able to craft innovative solutions to real-world problems.


2022 - 2025

Queen Mary University of London

BSc Computer Science

1st Class grade (89%) across modules: Object-Oriented Programming, Procedural Programming, Fundamentals of Web Technology, Computer Systems and Networks, Automata and Formal Languages, Logic and Discrete Structures, Professional and Research Practice, Information System Analysis

2020 - 2022

Chelsea Academy (Sixth Form)

4 A Levels

Subjects taken: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Further Mathematics

2015 - 2020

Platanos College (Secondary School)

1 Level 3 FSMQ/A and 11 GCSEs:

Subjects taken: Additional Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Religious Studies, Spanish, Computer Science


March and April 2023

Inferential Futures

Internship – Software Development and Artificial Intelligence

Designed and implemented an initial working prototype (front end and server-side) of a GPT-enabled chatbot for a careers advisory website. Used HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, JSON, XML, and SQL to design and implement. Chatbot functionality utilised ChatGPT open APIs, Ada, Babbage, Curie, and Davinci to process prompts and return responses.

Wrote and presented a paper discussing the potential of such implementations and broader Artificial Intelligence concepts in the careers advice space, exploring capability, performance, and cost for the present-day ChatGPT APIs.

May 2023


Internship - Student Consultancy Project (QMUL)

Led a team of 4 in researching and analysing features of the IBM Skills Build platform and advising on its relevance for the next 5 years, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Security.

Presented findings to the Master Inventor at IBM: created a visualisation of the Skills Build resources to be used by students, and a spreadsheet of all available resources.

June and July 2023

MCS Projects

Activity Leader - STEM Challenge Days

Led extracurricular STEM activity events for students of secondary school age across England. Contributed primarily to the E-Fit Challenge, which detailed the importance of creating computerised visualisations of potential suspects for crimes, based on witness accounts.

Presented the Electric Vehicle Challenge, delivering solutions which focused on the relevance of electric vehicles due to their reduced emissions and efficiency.

July 2021

Profusion Data Agency

Insights Program – Marketing

Led a team of 4 in planning an app for young people seeking career opportunities. Outlined the design, marketing, and finance aspects of the project, and produced a detailed one-year plan with details on its execution.

Gained experience on data science tools and how marketing schemes are conducted to promote technological innovations.

July 2021

White & Case Law Firm

Work Shadowing – IT Project Manager

Led a team of 5 in negotiating a hypothetical deal between a client and a professional sports company as a case-study exercise. Through this role, we collaborated extensively and advocated for the best possible terms which would also accommodate and allow for compromise to ensure both parties were satisfied with the outcome.

Gained experience with IT project management, including completing tasks such as setting objectives, presenting ideas, predicting outcomes, and monitoring progress of team members with effort tracking tools such as Gantt Charts and Review Boards.


Private Prototype

Full-stack Careers Advisory Chatbot Website

Full-stack web application making use of Ada, Babbage, Curie, and Davinci APIs for prompt processing.
Git Repository Available

Portfolio Website with Blog Functionality

Full-stack responsive web application with login (using an SQL database) to differentiate between admin and guest for blog functionality.
Git Repository Available

Big House Game

Java | Java Swing
Text-based game utilising Java Swing to create the GUI for navigation both between and inside rooms, alongside inventory.
Git Repository Available

Sorting Algorithm Visualiser

Python | Pygame
Visualiser for various sorting algorithms in ascending or descending order using Pygame.
Git Repository Available

Hotel Booking System

Python | Tkinter | SQL
Hotel booking system using Tkinter to create the GUI and an SQL database for storing login details.
Git Repository Available

Weather Application

HTML | CSS | PHP | JS | OpenWeather API
Responsive weather application using OpenWeather API to fetch and display data to the user based on location.